Business Of Software


You do not need to have technical skills or knowledge to launch your own software company.

In this course, the following topics are presented and discussed:

  • What to know before starting a software company
  • How to set up a successful Software Business
  • How to create software company
  • Startup tips
  • Marketing strategies
  • Skills needed to create a software company
  • Which are the Types of software
  • What are Generic Software Products
  • What are Custom Software Products
  • Principles of Project Management for Software projects
  • Software product definition
  • What is Software Architecture and how to put it into practice
  • What is Cloud Computing and why it is a technological field crucial for the success of a software business
  • Which are the emerging cloud technologies and services
  • Cloud Services e.g. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • How to Build Your Own SaaS Platform
  • Product development strategies
  • Principles of Software programming
  • General Programming Guidelines
  • Product Solution types
  • The secret to success: Leverage
  • Tools for a Startup
  • Go to the next levelmake your business sustainable in the long term


TO enable you get the best value of this product, ensure you already understand how the internet works.


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