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About Course

In this course, you would learn how BULK SMS can help you reach your new marketing goal and recommunicate with new and existing customers to buy more from you. We all know that the acronoym for S-M-S is Short Message System, Research shows that SMS gets more open rate than email and other online marketing channels.


Bulk SMS Marketing channel is the ever-green method to remarket and engage new customers to encourage them to keep coming back to your business.

In this course we would show you how to get Custom Sender ID (Name) and how to promote your productsd and business through bulk sms marketing.


Not only for Business owners alone,


If you run an agency or organisation that you need to communicate with your members with a short message of reminder, this is for you.


Who need this course?


  • Business.
  • Church.
  • NGOs.
  • Organisation.
  • Corperate Companies.
  • School.
  • etc.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons

Basic Fundatmental Of Bulk SMS

What Is Bulk SMS Marketing
How To Register Bulk SMS Account1:23
Adding Fund (Credit Unit)1:45
How To Send Bulk SMS1:19
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Pro-Blogger, Copywriter, Web Designer and Educator.
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