Business Of Software: Discover And Sell Hot Software, WordPress Plugin And SaaS

About Course

Start your own Software Company and make recurring income every time your user renew your service, become a digital landlord on the internet. You do not need to become a software developer or programmer to own a software and sell. All you need is this BOSS course (Business Of Software & Script) that will teach you how to get start and walk you by hand through how to find hot selling products to create and how to sell it on autopilot. This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme but you will make money from day one following the practical step inside this course.


In this course the students will learn how to launch a business in the software industry and make it successful in the long term.

You do not need to have technical skills or knowledge to launch company.

In this course the following topics are presented and discussed:

  • What to know before starting a software company
  • How to setup a successful Software Business
  • How to create software company
  • Startup tips
  • Marketing strategies
  • Skills needed to create a software company
  • Which are the Types of software
  • What are Generic Software Products
  • What are Custom Software Products
  • Principles of Project Management for Software projects
  • Software product definition
  • What is Software Architecture and how to put it into practice
  • What is Cloud Computing and why it is a technological field crucial for the success of a software business
  • Which are the emerging cloud technologies and services
  • Cloud Services e.g. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • How to Build Your Own SaaS Platform
  • Product development strategies
  • Principles of Software programming
  • General Programming Guidelines
  • Product Solution types
  • The secret to success: Leverage
  • Tools for a StartUp
  • Go to the next levelmake your business sustainable in the long term


Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Product Reseach?

Finding Hot Product in Demand
Finding Hot In-Demand Niche
Sell The Software As A Service
SEO Copywriting For Your Product

Software Product Development?

Create and launch the hot product that sell

About the instructor

James Okwise


Pro-Blogger, Copywriter, Web Designer and Educator.
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  • Coaching.

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